The last decade

At 28, I look back over the last decade and my relationship with my body and food.

While my time at University in the U.K. was a lot of fun and a great learning experience, I rarely had the opportunity of eating healthy, nutritious home-cooked meals. We usually went with what was easily available, quick ( usually full of sugar… oops)  to keep ourselves energised.

On returning to Mumbai after my time in the U.K. I signed up with a modeling agency, and was under pressure to keep my tiny frame in- check. Skipping meals became normal, as did constantly counting calories. A fellow model had gained a few pounds, and was told that she would not be allowed to go for auditions until she lost the weight. There was a lot of pressure to look a certain way. But no one was ever happy. I was; “too thin”, didn’t look “Indian enough”, wasn’t “tall enough” and often times looking “very tired” due to late night shoots and lack of nutrition. It was a vicious, unhealthy cycle. The industry requires you to be tough and not let constant criticism take its toll on you or impact your self-esteem. But younger me didn’t do too well with being told that she wasn’t “good enough”.

Lack of food and proper rest, impacted my immune system, I found myself falling ill easily, catching the flu and feeling terribly run down physically and emotionally. I was suddenly drawn to the world of wellness, and after spending 10 days at a wellness spa in Italy, I decided to start taking some positive steps.

I discovered the importance of fitness when a popular trainer and nutritionist in Mumbai, took me under his wing. He created an excercise and meal program for me. There was a palpable shift in my energy levels and self confidence as I began sticking to a diciplined workout routine and eating nutritious food. (The word routine is key. I find that routine, makes everything better.) I decided to take a course in essential cooking at the Leith’s school of food and wine in London to better my understanding of food and nutrition.

It wasn’t long before I discovered the beautiful practise of  Yoga and spent time at a retreat in the Himalayas trying to restore the balance and harmony to my body, mind and soul. I learnt that Yoga is more than just a fitness routine, but rather a lifestyle and spiritual, meditative practice.

Today eating well and exercising my body and mind are a major priority to me. Here, I am happy to share my journey and experiences of searching for more gentle approaches in taking care of my body, mind & soul here with you.

Aryaman Dixit


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