5 Simple changes

Sometimes you may catch yourself evaluating your life; is your current situation making you happy, are you feeling productive and motivated, if not you know its time to make a few changes! In my first post “The last decade” I wrote about how I made a few positive changes and tweaked my lifestyle a bit, after growing tired of conforming to a certain body type, repeatedly falling ill, feeling low on energy and motivation. Here are a few changes that I made, that really helped me, I hope you find them helpful too.


1). You are what you eat

Honestly the first thing that I will say is that making a few changes to my diet really made a huge impact on my life. From being really indifferent about food and nutrition, it is now something that I am really passionate about and am constantly reading up on. I try and maintain a balanced diet and eat nutritious food. Protein is an absolute must for me as it gives me energy and keeps me going. I love starting off the day with a delicious smoothie or bowl of fruit, its impossible for me to function without (I cannot believe I used to skip breakfast an university, so bad). I have also grown very conscious of the amount of water/fluids I drink in a day and be sure to stay hydrated. I try to indulge smartly, in food that makes me feel energised and positive ( Avocado on rye bread, some dark chocolate or sliced apple with peanut butter!!)


2). Keep it moving

We all know that exercise is great for the body and helps keep your waistline trim and toned. What you may not know is that regular exercise is also a great way to improve mental health. If I am ever feeling lethargic or low, I push myself to go for a run, yoga, kickboxing or go for a group exercise class and it instantly perks me up. Regular exercise can have a positive impact on depression, anxiety and ADHD. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your mood. Exercise is now a part of my day-to-day life, even when I am travelling.


3). Learning to say no

Take it from someone who has found it incredibly difficult to say “no” for most of her life – learning how to say this word is a real game changer. I’ve always felt compelled to say ‘yes’, as I feared that saying “no” would probably work against me; make me unpopular, antagonize someone, or that I may appear uncaring, selfish and also feared being disliked. Learning to put myself first and totally disregard the entire notion of being a “people pleaser” was just so liberating for me. I strongly urge you to do the same!


4). Routine

I found that a good routine helped give me direction. It feels awesome to have space in your day for the things that make you feel productive, positive, driven and healthy. It also means getting to bed on time and catching up on your sleep.


5). Me time

Although it may seem a bit selfish, creating a little “me time” everyday is actually healthy. Spend it how you like, whether you sit in silence, or soak in a tub of hot water and bath salts. I like to spend my “me time’ pampering my skin with a nice face-pack, or cuddling up to my doggies and watching Netflix. Well…… sometimes I chant, walk in the park, practise yoga or try to cook something new for dinner.

If we are healthy, happy and energized we are in a better position to nurture, support and be there for our loved ones and others around us.

Tiana Kampte

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