6 reasons you should travel in your twenties

1). You learn a lot about yourself:

Take this opportunity to discover new passions and interests (sky-diving? )  and get comfortable in your own skin. By going outside of your comfort zone, you’re not only learning about the places and people around you but also about yourself. You may face fears you never knew you had and understand what intimidates you, what makes you happy
or puts you at ease.

2). You don’t have too many responsibilities:

It makes sense to embark on your solo journey in your early 20’s before adulting officially kicks in. Soon you will have a serious career and family of your own . So this is your time to enjoy your freedom.

 3). Expand on your social skills

This experience will push you to meet new people beyond your usual social circle of school and college friends, step outside your comfort zone and strike up conversation with strangers.

4). Educational experience:

I always come back from a trip to a new country with a feeling of enrichment and a fresh perspective on life. You inevitably learn so much from a new culture and experiences. You actually realize that the world you created in your head is so much smaller than the world that actually exists.

5). There are some places you wont appreciate as much, when you are older:

While you are in your 20’s you can still drink 3 nights in a row without your body giving up on you ( well, sort of) . You probably wouldn’t appreciate the likes of Ibiza, Marbella, Mykonos and Miami as much in your 50’s. Just saying.

6). Life is short:

Life is unexpected and you can’t always control how long you are going to live for ( sad but true). But, you can control how well you live , the places you visit, the memories and the experiences you choose to fill your life with!

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