November:Festive Fashion

Move aside sweats, it’s November! After 9 (long) months of sitting at home wondering if I will ever be able to dress up again, it was a (welcome) change to dress up for Diwali. Even if it meant going next door to my childhood best friend’s home with four other gal pals, yapping away as we sipped on red wine on her airy verandah, basking in the light from candles and diyas, munching on kebabs and snacks. It felt normal and that’s what we are all craving right now, some semblance of normalcy.

I created a lot of new content for Diwali, collaborating with a number of talented Indian designers. It is such a treat to see what people are creating right now.  I am excited to share pictures with you from one such collaboration with Bombay based designer Shloka Khialani

We shot this series at Gallops, one of my favourite venues in the city, situated at the Mahalaxmi Race course, offering beautiful views and buried in an ocean of greenery. The alfresco dining area has been done up so beautifully, like something out of a fairy-tale setting. Some of the images in this series are shot with #theRCB girl, Dee Ghose who attended school with me in Bombay, we were waiting for an opportunity to work together and then this occasion presented itself.

Location: Gallops

Photographer: Aishwarya Nayak

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